Our Pastors

Every one of our pastors has a heart for God and His ministry. Thousands of people have come to Christ thanks to their commitment to Him. Learn more about them in the bios below.

  • Bishop Marsh Jones

    Dr. Jones has been the Senior Pastor of Faith Church of Urbana since 2007. In the same year he also started serving as the Bishop of Crusaders Churches of America. He is the Headmaster of Kingswood School and teaches Christ Theological Seminary. Dr. Jones and his wife Kim has two kids, Clarke and Emma.

  • Pastor Rick Jones

    Pastor Rick Jones is the pastor of Faith Crusader USA's Faith Community Church in St. Louis, MO. He has degree from both the University of Illinois and Christ Theological Seminary. He and his wife Vickie, have one daughter, Tressa.

  • Pastor Steve Durst

    Pastor Steve Durst has invested a lifetime in building the Kingdom of God at the Crusaders Church in Decatur, IL. After graduating from Christ Theological Seminary, Pastor Steve was an assistant pastor Faith Church of Urbana until he and his wife moved to Decatur to launch a new Crusaders Church decades ago. They have three kids Andrew, Meghan, and Charlie.

  • Pastor Dennis Skinner

    Pastor Dennis Skinner is the Pastor of Faith Church in Bloomington, IL. Before going to start a church, he was an assistant pastor at Faith Church of Urbana.  He and his wife Karen have three children, Chad. Kim, and Geoff.

  • Pastor Tom Myers

    Pastor Myers started Crusaders Church in Danville, IL and he still serves as the Pastor of that same ministry. Pastor Myers is the General Secretary for Crusaders Churches of America. He and his wife Marilyn have two kids Gabe and Josh.

  • Pastor Andrew Durst

    After graduating from Christ Theological Seminary over a decade ago, Pastor Andrew Durst became an associate pastor at Faith Church of Urbana. In 2019 Pastor Andrew moved down to Talladega, AL. He now serves as Senior Pastor of the Talladega BMC. He and his wife Sarah have two daughters.

  • Pastor Charles Durst

    Pastor Charles (Charlie) Durst is in his final year at Christ Theological Seminary. In 2015 Pastor Charlie got saved and started seminary as soon as it was possible. Pastor Charlie serves as the Associate Pastor of Crusaders Church in Decatur, IL. He also serves as the joint Youth Group leader for the Urbana and Decatur churches. 

  • Pastor Tyler Hucke

    Pastor Tyler Hucke started attending Faith Church of Urbana around 2009. A couple of years later he would move to Missouri and then to Texas. Pastor Tyler never forgot his home church. In summer of 2017 Pastor Tyler got saved and his relationship with Christ was reignited. He came to visit the Urbana church for revival that fall and felt a call on his heart to go back to Texas, pack up his life and move to back to Urbana. Within a year of being back the Lord called him to become a Pastor. Pastor Tyler is in Christ Theological Seminary studying to fulfill that calling. Pastor Tyler serves as the Assistant Pastor of Faith Church of Urbana and serves on the Leadership team of the Urbana and Decatur joint Youth Group.

  • Pastor Dave Ellis

    Pastor Dave Ellis lives in Kentucky and has served as a Pastor in southern Indiana for several years. Pastor Dave also preaches multiple evangelistic dates a year as his calendar permits. Pastor Dave also has a strong heart for missions and goes and helps in the mission field whenever he is able.  

  • Pastor John McGovern

    Pastor John McGovern is the outreach Pastor at our Chicago Crusaders Church. Pastor John got saved around 5 years ago and the Lord completely changed his life for good. He now works to bring more people to church to tell them the good news that Jesus Saves! He also fills the pulpit 5-10 times a year serving as a lay-preacher. 

  • Pastor Clarke Jones

    Pastor Clarke Jones is an Intern Pastor in Urbana, IL. On a typical Sunday you'll find Pastor Clarke riding a Sunday School bus in the Morning while also leading the song services in the majority of the services. Pastor Clarke is studying currently at the University of Illinois. After completion at the University Pastor Clarke will attend Christ Theological Seminary.

  • Pastor Matthew Lindsey

    Pastor Matthew Lindsey is an Intern Pastor in Urbana, IL. He teaches the 5th and 6th grade boys Sunday School class and serves on the Urbana bus route. Pastor Matt started riding the Sunday School bus at age 4 and has been coming ever since. He is current in the Department of Communication at the University of Illinois and will be attending Christ Theological Seminary after graduating. 

  • Pastor Lucas Schaefer

    Pastor Lucas Schaefer started attending his churches youth group after being invited by a friend at highschool. Shortly thereafter he started coming to services along with youth group and he gave his heart to Jesus. God has called him to pastoral ministry and he is a ministerial student at Hobe Sound Bible College in Hobe Sound, Florida.